Ghostly News Round Up, July 22nd 2015

Cortijo Jurado - Jose Carlos Castro

“Cortijo Jurado” by Jose Carlos Castro | CC-BY

We’re always trawling the internet for news of the strange, spooky and unexplained. This week we’ve got a round-up of ghost and haunting stories from around the web.

Spain’s Most Haunted House Up For Sale

If you fancy owning a house full of ghosts yourself – and you’ve got €16 million to spend – you could buy Spain’s most haunted house. The Cortijo Jurado in Malaga, is a 19th-century mansion with a very nasty history, said to include kidnappings, murders and tortures. The haunted tag is partly because the place looks the part, but there have also been reports of strange sounds. The mansion, with its 365 windows, is being sold with permission to turn it into a luxury hotel. Read more here.

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