Who You Gonna Call? Ed and Lorraine Warren.

"Annabelle no museum" by Felipe112233

“Annabelle no museum” by Felipe112233Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Today we highlight the remarkable lives of Ed and Lorraine Warren, prominent demonologists that have been helping people affected by hauntings since the 1960s. Ed a self taught demonologist and Lorraine a highly gifted clairvoyant worked on over 10,000 cases during their career. In 1952 the Warrens founded the New England Society For Psychic Research, the oldest ghost hunting group in New England. Lorraine also runs The Warrens Occult Museum from the back of her house in Monroe, Connecticut. All the items in the museum are haunted and possessed by negative forces. The most famous of all these items is the raggedy Anne doll Annabelle.

Diabolical forces are formidable. These forces are eternal, and they exist today. In a world that scoffs at ghosts and laughs at the unusual, the Warrens deliver a contrary message. That message is this: The fairy tale is true. The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow…

Although Ed passed away in 2006, his wife Lorraine has continued to work in the field and continues to do so. If you find you’re having some strange experiences, finding out more about the couples work over the years might guide you as to how to sort your issue. You can learn more about the Warren’s extraordinary history and case files here.

The Annabelle Doll and its Curse

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