Haunted Dolls You Can Actually Buy – We Dare You!

Haunted Doll on eBay

We’ve featured Haunted Dolls here before, most famously the Warren’s raggedy Anne doll Annabelle. There are many other haunted dolls out there, some imbued with dangerous curses, others possessed with the spirits of the dead. You have to admit, that some dolls are just down-right freaky when you look at them, sometimes enough to make you think they’re haunted straight out of the box!

You might be surprised (or not!) to know that along with haunted paintings, there are many haunted dolls available to buy on eBay. I say many, there’s currently over a thousand of them on ebay.com alone, as you can . Could there really be that many haunted dolls out there, and available to buy? Or is it more likely that people are saying they’re haunted to try and sell some old tatty dolls that otherwise would be unsellable? It has to make you question the validity of a lot of the claims.

It’s interesting to note that eBay forbids the sale of “intangible” goods, so technically the dolls can only be sold as dolls, so if you don’t experience any activity, you don’t really have a comeback. That said, we do like to trawl some of these intangible listings on eBay and finding the weird stuff, so we’ve put together this list of five of what we think are the most interesting / strange / weird / scary dolls currently available…

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