Mine’s A Spirit! Drinking With The Dead In Britain’s Most Haunted Pubs

2 – The Skirrid Mountain Inn, Llanfihangel Crucorney, near Abergavenny

An inn of some sort, probably serving pilgrims on their way to nearby Llanthony Priory, has been recorded since 1100 on The Skirrid’s current location (the current building is mostly 17th century). Welsh rebel leader Owain Glyndwr probably came here in the 15th century, and the tavern in Shakespeare Midsummer Night’s Dream may have been inspired by this already spooky spot. But it’s the pub’s role as a courthouse that may account for the lost souls that give visitors “ysgwyryd fawr” or the big shiver. They didn’t just judge them at the Skirrid, they could walk them out of the first-floor courtroom’s door and launch them into eternity over the bannisters. One-hundred-and-eighty poor souls are said to have breathed their last on this lightning journey to the bar.

Pictures of the Skirrid Inn

Video on pub’s homepage

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