Sleep Paralysis

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This unusual condition has affected the majority of people at some point throughout their lives. For the lucky few who’ve never had an experience, episodes occur either early on in the night as you’re falling asleep or towards the end of the night when you’re waking up. Symptoms of this phenomena typically include an inability to move or speak, although you appear to be awake your body is paralysed which can last literally seconds to minutes.

Although no harm can come from sleep paralysis the experience of being unable to move can be extremely frightening, certainly when you start to encounter Strange, Spooky and Weird hallucinations whilst remaining in a paralysed state. Whilst in this condition people have described how they see or sense a malevolent presence in the room with them. The feelings generally associated with this presence is one of overwhelming fear and dread and are so intense that they can linger with you throughout the rest of the day and are difficult to express to others.

Accompanying the presence in the room is a pressure so great being applied to the chest area, which appears to be the result of an external force literally pushing down on the chest, which can result in difficulty with breathing and adding an increased ferocity to the experience. Additional sensations that accompany this experience can be auditory, olfactory and physical in nature. Frequently reported hallucinations can include hearing growling animals, footsteps, scratching, muttering and whispers of malevolent voices, smells of ‘death’, decay, mould and rotting flesh and out of body experiences are also associated with this phenomena.

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