Share A Meal With A Ghost – 5 Haunted Eateries

The Golden Fleece, York, England, UK

York is an English city full of history and old world charm, with more ghosts than you can shake a stick at. One place in particular can boast five separate spirits on the premises, and we don’t mean whisky, vodka and gin. As well as gourmet pub food, The Golden Fleece in York is able to serve up lots of ghostly things,

Many guests have reported seeing the late Lady Peckett wandering the endless corridors and staircases in the wee, small hours and, including ghostly apparitions and moving furniture, hers is just one of the five resident spirits.

The pub dates back to the 16th century, and is so spooky it’s thought to be one of the UK’s most haunted pubs. So spooky in fact, like Craig Y Nos Castle it attracted the attention of the Most Haunted team who shot an episode of the show there. The pub has ghosts from all ages, with soldiers and fancy ladies being seen around the place. If this doesn’t sound like the sort of place you’d like to dine then we don’t blame you, but if you want an extra helping of scared, the Golden Fleece is the place for you.

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