Haunted Dolls You Can Actually Buy – We Dare You!

Antique Baby Byelo Rubber Doll Very Old And Active

This doll is giving me the heebie-jeebies just looking at it, it almost looks embryonic in its features. Here’s what the seller had to say about it.

This is a haunted antique bye lo baby that is made of rubber. I can’t make out the markings on the back of her neck but can see the word Storrey. I have had her for more than 30 years and she will be very hard to part with but due moving expenses I am having to sell some of my dolls. Her name is Alice and she is quite active she was 83 when she passed and is a very motherly spirit. She responds well with a ghost box k2 and pendulum. I have found her host moved many times and she will make her presence known for sure.

See the auction here

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