Haunted Dolls You Can Actually Buy – We Dare You!

Haunted Doll Mindy

Haunted Doll Mindy
This doll is almost too cutesy to be frightening. But look at those eyes, they’re deep, dark and hiding something. The doll reminds me a bit of the infamous Chucky of Child’s Play with its mischief. The owner seems to collect these ‘spirited dolls’ and has this to say about them:

Meet Mindy, she’s from my personal collection also I’ve had her for over a year. Mindy is 3 years old and passed away in 1956 from drowning in a pool. Mindy is a very happy spirit and her host is an ideal giggles doll. While with me, Mindy has answered questions on the pendulum, used dream communication and I have heard her giggling in my room. Mindy sometimes hides things and plays pranks, but she is very sweet.

Many people have messaged me asking how or why I have so many haunted dolls, I have been collecting for awhile, I’m empathic, so I am able to communicate with them. When I feel like a doll would like a new home, I list them here, and if they call out to you, you will know they are for you. I list them here to find them proper homes with people who understand the needs of spirited dolls and have a connection with them.

See the auction here

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