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Antique Doll Penny

Haunted Doll Penny
This doll is another of those ones guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. Maybe it’s the spooky lighting that does it, or maybe it’s the touching back story. Either way, Penny here is one to haunt you. Here’s some of that back-story:

This doll belonged to and was once cherished by a lovely girl named Penny. Penny hangs onto this doll because it is special and familiar to her. Penny still loves and holds her doll, in spirit. Penny is a pure and innocent young girl full of playful and childlike energy. She is an extremely energetic and positive energy. A very busy little girl.

Penny was born severely unwell and faced developmental and physical handicaps. Penny needed feeding and daily therapy. She did not mature properly and lived longer than expected. Penny died with her family surrounding her at 7 years old. It was the 1950’s era.

Penny has appeared as a light blocking shadow that stands stationary behind her doll. Her form is very visible and her shadow very dark. Penny gets into Michelle’s cutlery and has moved spoons about her kitchen. Penny does draw a lot of energy from electrical devices. She seems to short electronics for several seconds before they function again.

Penny has moved her doll to rest in different positions. I have found her arms raised above her head and her head turned around completely. During communication we have noticed a floral aroma lingering around her doll. Penny does visit dreams and will speak to you by telepathy. We do not use the ouija board with Penny as she is too young. Penny has difficulty with the pendulum but enjoys swinging it in circles. Penny tries to warn of danger and threat by creating diversion.

Children are very drawn to Penny and wish to hold her and touch her face. Penny needs a home where she will be shown ample love and affection. She is one of the sweetest spirits we have to offer.

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