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Cryptozoology Round-up – November 12th

Lake Object Raises Questions

An unexplained object under a lake surface has prompted a paranormal investigator to link a series of strange occurrences around a stretch of water on the Missouri-Arkansas border.

Sam Uptegrove received an email from a fisherman who saw the object – “a green glow” – while out on his boat. Uptegrove recalls a number of similar incidents around the area, including an underwater ball, and a number of Bigfoot-related sounds and sightings, and is collecting further evidence to try to explain what is going on around Table Top Lake.

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Hollywood Cryptozoology

Finally, the world of Cryptozoology may get a shot in its hairy, spiny arm from the Dream Factory of Hollywood.

A cryptozoology project is said to be on the way from 20th Century Fox who are to film Shadows. Former Ice Age director Carlos Saldanha is pencilled in to direct what the studio hopes will be a series of live-action hits.

Read more here.

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