10 Spooky Photos From The Past

Spooky Photos From The Past

One of my hobbies is collecting . Along the way I’ve come across a number of non-Halloween related images that have really spooked me out for a number of reasons. The reasons could be what’s actually in the photo, the narrative of the photo, strange imperfections that give it a ghostly quality or simply a connection I’ve made with it.

So I thought I’d make a gallery of some of the spooky photos I’ve acquired into my collection recently, and share them here. Most of the photos were bought as is, with no description, location or information supplied. This helps gives them an even stranger feeling, dislocated in time and context.

There’s a couple here that are actually haunting related, whilst others are featured because they have an unnerving presence and others are just really strange or unsettling. Whatever, these photos really get under my skin for a number of reasons which is why I’m happy to share them here and see if anyone else feels the same way about these photos as I do.

Dive in and take a look.

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  1. Sue Musselman 18th January 2016

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