About Us

If you like things that go bump in the night, or strange sightings, or anything that’s remotely strange, spooky or weird, then you’re in good company. We love these things too, and are on a mission to bring you the best of the strangest here on our site.

We’ll be featuring round-ups of strange stuff in the news, from sightings of ghosts, UFOs, cryptids and other phenomena; features on old stories, videos, info and more as the site grows. We’d also love you to join us and send in your content to our the site. Drop us a line on the via our contact page and we’d love to hear your ideas!

We’re all over the web too, we have a fab Facebook page, twitter and more to come. So why not grab our RSS feed to catch the latest posts as they happen, and we’ll be keeping it coming with content to both scare, surprise, excite and delight you.

Keeping it Strange Spooky And Weird.

The Team, 2015.

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