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3 Welsh Haunted Castles You Can Actually Visit

Wales is a country with a long history and rich heritage, rife in ghosts, myths and legends. We’re taking a look today at 3 castles in Wales with a haunted reputation, and best of all you’re able to visit them yourself. Who knows what you might find when you do!

Cardiff Castle

Right in the centre of Wales’ capital city is Cardiff Castle. With parts of the structure dating back to Roman times and its iconic Norman keep, there’s a long history for the spooky goings on to draw upon on and potentially experience.

Over the years there have been numerous and regular reports of female apparitions haunting the corridors (the grey lady) and a phantom horse and carriage seen on the road outside the Castle. There are also reports of doors opening, light being turned on and off at night, despite no one being around and disembodied voices causing staff to look up from their work.

The second Marquess of Bute who began the castle’s restoration and died in 1848 before its completion is said to haunt the palace area of the castle. He has been sighted walking through the walls of the Chapel and library. The castle is open daily to the public and guided tours can be taken. If you visit, be sure to ask the staff if they’ve ever experienced anything!

Margam Castle

Strategically placed between the coast near Port Talbot and the mountains of the Brecon Beacons, the castle is set in grounds open to the public. With a human history of occupation on the grounds dating back 4000 years, the castle itself is fairly new being built in the 19th century. That doesn’t stop it from having its own ghosts and spooky events.

The most famous ghost is that of the once grounds-keeper Robert Scott, who’s ghostly form can be seen on the castle’s main staircase. It’s also thought he’s responsible for some poltergeist like activity around the building, and it’s said that attempts to contact him can lead to stones be thrown! People have also claimed to have heard the voices of Victorian children echoing around the corridors and rooms of the castle, and they too have been blamed for strange activity at the castle.

This is coupled with tales of ghostly figures around the grounds, and night staff being followed by footsteps around the place at night alongside voices heard around the building. Given its relatively new build, Margam Castle is certainly full of timeless mystery, and you can visit it as it’s open all year round.

Caernarfon Castle

With its commanding view of the north western corner of Wales, Caernarfon Castle was built as a part of Edward the firsts of England’s plan to dominate and subjugate the Welsh. The imposing castle has seen much death and destruction over its history, so there no surprise that the place has a number of famous ghosts.

The most famous ghost at the castle is known as The Floating Lady. A glowing phantom has been seen floating around the castle’s corridors at night. It’s not know who she is, but it would seem she has a thing for electrical goods, as there are reports of electrical equipment being messed about with when left over night. In 2001 the apparition was snapped by a tourist, the photo shows a blue misty form in the courtyard.

The castle was the setting for many brutal murders and hangings over its tumultuous history, so it’s not surprising to hear that there have been many instances of ghostly noises around the places. It’s said that the groans and moans of its tortured victims can sometimes be heard echoing around the building. If you’d like to put that to the test, the castle is open year around.

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