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Take Care When Visiting Area 51

Parking sign on the Extraterrestrial Highway
“Self Parking – Rachel Nevada” by Spider.Dog | CC-BY

Deep in the heart of the Nevada desert lies the infamous Area 51, a top secret US airbase, thought by many to be the home of alien technology and captured extraterrestrial beings. Chances are that much of the experimental aviation technology of the last 60 years was developed there, a fact in itself that can only have added to its reputation for UFO sightings and strange craft. 80 miles north of Las Vegas, the area has been a draw for Ufologists for decades, but given its secret military standing, is it safe place to visit?

For such a secret base, its location is readily available, and it’s possible to travel to the various outpost that mark its boundary, most famously, the back gate and the mailbox. Both of these are a draw to the curious, but beware, you have to be super careful about what you do given the security services around the base. There are warning signs telling you the not photograph the base and warning that deadly force could be used against you. Baring this in mind, would you want to get that close? Well, many do, and here’s a great guide on getting to the landmarks and also how to take care when you’re there.

Things of particular note from the Vagabond3 guide to Area 51 is the preparation – making sure you have plenty of gas, water and cash. Given the hot, stifling climate of the area, not being prepared could be you biggest danger. It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t point your cameras at the security guards or anywhere that there’s signs telling you not too!

Whether you see Aliens on your trip or not, the whole area is UFO crazy. You’ll be travelling down the Extraterrestrial Higway, so be sure to stop off at the A’Le’Inn and Alien Research Center along the way. If you do make the trip, as we would like to one day, the be sure to send us a postcard, or at least a photo or two! But most of all, take care albeit from the sun, the security, or alien abduction…

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  1. We’re currently shooting a documentary film about Area 51, we took a camera up there a couple of weeks back to shoot the mailbox, and when they saw a big lorry and crew arrive, we were chased off by the guards. They wanted to take me away, but I managed to talk my way out of it. Scary place.

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