Haunted Places

Horton Mine
We here at Strange, Spooky and Weird thought you might like to take a look at some of these haunted locations, ranging from haunted abandon mines to hospitals and video rental shops. Let us know what you think, have any of you caught any ghostly happening’s on your phones or video cameras? If you have let us know.

Horton Mine, Nevada

Whilst exploring the abandoned Horton mine, this explorer had a rather unsettling experience, not once but twice. Check out these video’s and let us know if you would venture into the mine on your own!

Further Into The Shaft He Goes, Where He Stops Nobody Knows…

Horton Mine, Nevada Part 2

So, his first visit wasn’t enough to ward him off, this ballsy explorer decided to venture in further and had another experience that scared him senseless, to the point he vowed to never return to this mine ever again.

Could You Speak Up, I Never Quite Heard You…

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