Picture: UFO Sightings 2015/YouTube

UFO Sighting Videos July 2015

Join us for pick of some recent video uploads made to YouTube for the first half of July 2015. They’re a mixture of new sightings and older ones that have been reuploaded, or put up for the first time. We can’t verify any of these videos or say if they authentic or not, as we didn’t shoot them. However, take a look and see what you think, and feel free to tell us the comments.

Texas Border UFO Sighting

There’s been a lot of chatter about this sighting on the Texas border in June. The clarity is astonishing, almost too good, so much so that many have dismissed it as fake. To us it almost looks too man-made to be a UFO, so maybe it’s some new military vehicle, or maybe it is really a fake. One YouTube commentator mentions it looks like a car-headlight fitting. What do you think?

El Paso Cube UFO Sighting

Still in Texas for this one, and it’s quite an odd looking anomaly, looking like the Borg from Star Trek. Sadly the video looks at the stills and analyses what it is rather than giving us footage to look at, but it’s still worth a view. What do you think?

Buffalo UFO Sighting

Staying in the USA, this sighting was filmed in Buffalo. We’ve looked at the clip and think it’s possibly Venus being mistaken for a strange light in the sky, as it commonly is. What do you think?

Brawley, California UFO Sighting

Strange moving lights in the skies over California. From the commentary of the obviously shaken up narrator, these lights are in the mountains. Would be interesting to compare with a day light version, as not all the lights in the video can be UFOs. Are there roads up there, could it be traffic in the mountains, reflections. What do you think?


UK UFO Sighting

This bizarre UFO seen over the sea moves so fast it looks like a kite on speed! There’s no location other than the UK, or any date on this clip, but we’ve included it as it’s quite a strange one. Fake or real, what say you?

Air Show Unexplained Object

According to the info, the camera man was filming craft in an Air Show from their home, however, right at the start whilst it’s zoomed in, something inexplicable moves in front of the lens. Any ideas what it could be?

Cloud UFO New York

This one’s been doing the rounds and having people scratching their heads recently. Is it a UFO cloaking device, making it look like a common cloud? Is it something else? There’s been lots of theories including foam bubbles, plastic bag and alien visitor. Its movement is pretty strange, but what do you think?

New Jersey UFO Sighting

Definitely not Venus this one, the thing changes colour and hovers back and fore. Could it be a drone or quad copter of some sort. Its initial movement is quite striking, up and up then sideways. What do you think it is?

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