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UFO News Round-up – September 4th 2015

Apollo Astronaut Makes Roswell Claims

The sixth man to walk on the Moon should have some insight into life in space. Edgar Mitchell has caused a stir by claiming that “peace-loving aliens tried to save America from nuclear war.” While not claiming to have seen aliens himself, Mitchell has confirmed that he has been told that there were aliens at Roswell and backs conspiracy theories about cover-ups to keep the knowledge of alien contact from the public. You can read Mitchell’s clarification interview here.

UFO Seen Over US Air Force Base Claims Report

Mutual UFO Network has gathered claimed eye witness testimony of a UFO buzzing Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. The sighting was made in April 2010 both with the naked eye and thermal imaging equipment. The slow-moving pyramid-shaped object glided above the base before splitting into four smaller craft, moving silently all the time according to the witness, a former serviceman. You can read more here.

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