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Ghost News Round-Up – October 4th, 2015

Ghost-Hunting Couple Killed In Nevada

TV mediums Debra and Mark Constantino were reported dead on September 26th after an incident in Sparks, Nevada.

The couple had appeared on Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel seeking out spirits in locations including the famous Mustang Ranch Brothel in the state. Mrs Constantino was in the process of divorcing her husband and had taken out a restraining order alleging domestic violence against him. Her roommate was found shot dead before a SWAT team stormed a family apartment and discovered the bodies of the husband and wife team who appear to have been involved in a very real tragedy. Read more here.

The Haunted Soap Stars

Stars of Australian soap opera, Home and Away, say the fictional town of Summer Bay has been visited by paranormal guest stars.

The soap’s tales of a sun-kissed surfer paradise Down Under have made it a world-wide hit, but actor Bianca Biasa’s stint on the show in 2003 included an unwelcome other-worldly co-star. Bianca was visited by a mystery man who circled her near the town’s famous beach before being spooked himself by a dog that appeared suddenly. Read more here.

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