Biltmore Greensboro Hotel

Haunted Hotels: The Biltmore Greensboro Hotel

Biltmore Greensboro Hotel

In the North Carolina city of Greensboro is a famed haunted location where you can spend the night. The Biltmore Greensboro Hotel sits quietly on West Washington Street, its unassuming façade hides a the haunting presence of a number of spooky inhabitants. It’s also potentially cursed, which may or may not be related to the hauntings, unfortunate accidents such as explosions, exploding manhole covers and crashing cabs have plagued the buildings front in recent times.

The main haunting would seem to revolve around Philip and Lydia. In the 1900s Philip was the accountant at the firm that used the office block that later became the hotel, the clothing company Cone Brothers. It’s believed he uncovered some criminal activities at the firm, and was silenced as a result, being murdered by strangulation and thrown from the 3rd floor window in to the alley alongside the building.

It would seem he is attracted to haunting the female guests, possibly because he was in an illicit romance at the time of his death. Guests at the hotel have claimed to see a man standing at the end of their bed, or heard noises coming from the empty room that was once Philip’s office. It seems that whatever unfinished business Philip had, his restless spirit remains to haunt the living.

Lydia was a lady of the night, who lived at the hotel following its sale from the Cone Brothers to another owner. Lydia was also murdered on the property, thrown from the balcony to her death at the bottom of the stairwell. Lydia is thought to have a taste for the colour pink, so much so that the room that was hers is painted pink and guests are recommended to bring something pink with them.

Lydia’s room 223 has been the setting for a number of strange events, from a door that refuses to stay open, to unexplained sounds and manifestations. Like Philip, Lydia seems most active with female guests. A number have reported events in the room with their purses being knocked over, the shower running unexpectedly and the appearance of a red haired woman in the bathroom.

Given the amount of activity in the building, a number of investigations have taken place at the property. A recent news report can be watched below, that looks into the history and events at this spooky hotel. If you’re ever in Greensboro for the night, maybe you should book a room, and be sure to let us know if anything strange happens to you!

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