Bell Inn Hotel by Keith Evans

Haunted Hotels: The Bell Inn

Bell Inn Hotel by Keith Evans

The Bell Inn dates back to the 15th Century, this charming and characterful tavern has maintained many of its original features whilst combining modern furnishings creating a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Classed as one of the most haunted sites in all of Norfolk by staff, guests and paranormal investigators alike. Some of the more prominent period features include wattle & daub walls, Elizabethan wall paintings, a priest hole, and the original secret passage out of the Inn.

The hotel has always had a close relationship with the church and it is thought that is how it gained its name ‘The Bell’ due to the religious beliefs of the town and surroundings areas, and also due to the many bell towers that have echoed throughout the Thetford area.

The Bell Inn has 46 en-suite bedrooms, and the main bedroom suite is reportedly haunted by a hooded monk. The old landlady of The Bell Inn Elizabeth Radcliffe can regularly be seen walking the drawing-room on the ground floor. Unexplained smells of perfume and the feeling of being watched and followed, along with the sensation of icy cold breath being blown on the back of necks are also widely reported. The distant sound of children laughing, joking and playing are heard emanating from empty rooms along with sounds that go bump in the night.

In this video clip a group of unsuspecting ghost haunters get the fright of their life when initiating contact with the spirits of The Bell Inn.

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