July Ghost Sightings Videos

Ghost Sightings Caught On Video July 2015

Here’s a quick round up of some recent videos hitting YouTube, related to ghost sightings caught on camera. Some maybe be older sightings re-uploaded, and some are new. We can’t verify any of these, or prove that what’s in them are ghosts or some other unknown entities, but we can share here and let you decide. Feel free to comment and let us know what you think.

Warrington Night Club CCTV Ghost

Apparently it’s not the first time that something strange has happened at this Warrington night club, if you read the video info it says:

We have obtained the footage from a member of staff who wishes to remain anonymous, but she did say that this is not the first time “strange things” have occurred. There has been reports of banging and shouting heard from the ships walls while staff have been working the upper level.

Whatever, it’s a good bit of CCTV footage. Maybe a bit too good? And we wonder would a ghost actually set off a motion detection system? What do you think?

Front Yard Ghost

Odd little blip that one, could be the slow frame rate caught a cat or something similar zipping by. There’s definitely something odd there, but we’re not convinced it’s a ghost.

Construction Worker Ghost

Strange figure on a construction site. It seems to fade in and out as it walks. What do you think? There’s no background on the tape, we don’t know if the construction worker was killed on that site, or even if it’s a construction worker. It’s very indistinct.

Night Time Ghost On Road

Keep an eye at the end of the road, there’s quite a small dot there for a while, but then they drive past and it’s definitely not right. We do wonder if it’s just a person that looks ghostly in the night vision camera, but a lack of features is also strange.

Hotel Ghost Attack

This one’s doing the rounds at the moment, and there’s some concerns about its authenticity. Whilst we don’t see the ghost, there seems to be some nasty poltergeist activity going on here.

Philippines Road Sighting

We’re not surprised there’s ghosts on this road in the Philippines, it looks deadly. The shadowy figure shuffling across the road looks very real, but we’re not convinced it isn’t camera trickery or a glitch / reflection.

Japanese Antique Shop Sighting

I’m really not convinced this one isn’t a set-up, or even a scene from a Japanese found footage film that we’ve not seen. We’ll include it though as it’s genuinely chilling. You have to wait to the last few seconds to spot the ‘ghost’, if that’s what it is.

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