Cortijo Jurado - Jose Carlos Castro

Ghostly News Round Up, July 22nd 2015

Cortijo Jurado - Jose Carlos Castro
“Cortijo Jurado” by Jose Carlos Castro | CC-BY

We’re always trawling the internet for news of the strange, spooky and unexplained. This week we’ve got a round-up of ghost and haunting stories from around the web.

Spain’s Most Haunted House Up For Sale

If you fancy owning a house full of ghosts yourself – and you’ve got €16 million to spend – you could buy Spain’s most haunted house. The Cortijo Jurado in Malaga, is a 19th-century mansion with a very nasty history, said to include kidnappings, murders and tortures. The haunted tag is partly because the place looks the part, but there have also been reports of strange sounds. The mansion, with its 365 windows, is being sold with permission to turn it into a luxury hotel. Read more here.

Motor Racing Fan Photobombed By Ghost

A British motor racing fan claims holiday photographs taken in Dubai show the image of a ghost. Craig Nugent’s trip to see the F1 race in Abu Dhabi took on a spooky aspect on the way back from the race. Craig’s cousin took the snap and the pair say they were alone in a coach when the picture was taken. Read more here.

Photo Of Ghost Terrifies Museum Staff

Another ghost photo has shown up in the UK, where a ghost hunting evening in a Devon museum turned genuinely spooky. The picture was taken in Torquay Museum in an exhibit decked out as an old farmhouse. Museum staff took the picture at the event in May, but the image of a woman’s face wasn’t noticed until preparations for the next paranormal night were being made. Museum staff say that the collection, founded in 1844, is often affected by unexplained phenomena. Read more here.

Ghost Haunts Miami’s Old Cuban Consulate

In Miami a former Cuban embassy is reported to be the home of the ghost of a one-legged Cuban woman. Villa Paula is said to suffer from unexplained shaking shelves, ghostly scents, the sound of music and the appearance of an apparition of a woman, believed to be the wife of the first Cuban consul at the embassy, which opened in the 1920s. Psychic investigators have reported ghostly presences, and locals cross the street to avoid the spooky house. Read more here.

Gaol Could Be Hired Out By Ghost Hunters

Spending cuts could open a former prison in North Wales to paranormal investigators. Beaumaris Gaol in Anglesey is run by the local council, which faces major budget cuts. One new money making scheme could see the gaol, built in 1829, opened to paranormal events companies. Two people were hanged in the gaol and the Most Haunted TV show investigated the building in 2007. Read more here.

Two Ghost Hunters Plead Guilty To Damaging Church

In Lichfield, Minnesota, in the US, two amateur ghost hunters went too far in their attempts to get to the truth in a reportedly haunted church. Joseph Porter and Kyle Huber are up before the local court after breaking into Ness Church. Members of the church congregation strongly deny any paranormal activity, but rumours persist that other-worldly visitors – perhaps linked to a nearby burial ground – visit the building. Read more here.

Mark Bridger Claims Murdered Girl’s Ghost Is Haunting His Cell

A child-killer believes he is being haunted by the ghost of his victim. The killing of five-year-old April Jones from Machynlleth in Wales in October 2012 shocked the UK. In May 2013 Mark Bridger was jailed for life for her murder. Court papers found by the Daily Mirror include the claims reported by a cell mate of Bridger’s. The killer’s fellow prisoner claims that Bridger said his cell was haunted by April’s ghost, who was brought to him by another male spirit. Read more here.

We’ll be back with more round-ups of strange, spooky and weird news soon.

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