Poltegiest Activity

Poltergeist Activity Caught On Camera

Join us for a look at some Poltergeist activity caught on camera. If there’s things that go bump in the night, or items are moving around your house without help, the chances are you could have a poltergeist haunting. There have been some very famous cases over the years, well documented and covered in the press and lots of theories as to what might cause them. We’ve put collected some interesting videos here for your entertainment.

Poltergist Attack Caught On Camera

Poltergeist activity caught on camera after using a Ouija board. A good enough reason not to mess with what we don’t understand!

Poltergeist activity – also known as “recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis” or RSPK – is the result of psychic energy generated (usually unconsciously) by a person, referred to as an agent

Unexplained Events

Unexplained events have been occurring in this home, so the owner set up a camera to catch the strange happenings. What do you think of the dogs reactions?

But how do you know there might be poltergeist activity in your home? Most often, you’ll know it if you have it because it is out of the ordinary and pretty obvious: sounds, movements, and odors of unknown origin.

I’ve Just Cleaned Through!!

Ghost caught destroying kitchen. Paranormal activity has been tormenting this household and the residents have been told to document as much of it as possible.

You’re sitting there watching TV, totally engrossed in a dramatic movie, when suddenly the bowl of popcorn you’ve been munching from rises from the coffee table, floats through the air a few feet, then drops to the floor.

Basement Ghost

This guy has been filming all the paranormal events happening in his apartment over a period of time. After this face to face experience in the basement he decided a move was in order!

You’re in your office trying to balance the checkbook, but you find it hard to concentrate when your husband is in the other room banging on the wall for some reason. You go to investigate, but then remember your husband is out bowling.

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