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Your Tales Of Being Terrified By Your Own Kids

Scary Kid

Over at our Facebook page, we recently shared a video of 15 creepy things that children had said. We posed the question, “have your kids ever said something that terrified you?” Well, it seems our readers kids have done some pretty scary things, and for those of you that might have missed the Facebook post, here’s some of the replies!

Nanny Yo-Yo

When my son was a toddler he used to talk about Nanny Yo Yo, who had a dog called buster. He said she would come and visit him and was nice. This went on for many months until one day we happened to drive past my husband’s great grandparents house (both dead) and my son said “look that’s Nanny Yo Yo’s house”. It gave me chills. Eventually he just stopped talking about her. ~ K. Austin

A Couple Of Night Terrors

Two different people posted comments which were in a very similar vein and referred to children seeing things in the night. I can relate to this, and vividly recall the night my son came flying out of his bedroom, wide-awake and terrified that he was being chased. Here’s the comments.

One of my daughters has woken me many nights saying somebody has shaken her bed, screamed in her ear picked her up or whispered to her, and all 3 and my nephew have all said about a little girl ghost in our house. ~D. Bufton

My oldest daughter came screaming into my room one night saying there was a dead lady glowing beside her. She was two at the time and she refused to be left alone for about three months. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom alone. ~ M. Stanberry

Passed Owners

When my son was one we moved into a flat where the previous occupants had both died of old age. We were given the flat 2 weeks after the man passed and moved in about a month later as everything needed decorated and cleaned. My son went into the wee room and I took the other bedroom. Although only little, my son was a great speaker and after a few nights, he burst out crying when I went to put him to bed and begged me not to leave him. He said the man kept waking him up and yelling at him to get out of his room and was scaring him.

I was furious and marched into the bedroom with my son clinging to my leg and yelled at the man. I told him how dare he scare a child, it wasn’t our fault he died and this was our place now, did he think he was the big man for picking on a baby? I said I know its hard and we are willing to share but when my son was in his room, he was to stay out.

I really don’t know if this put my sons mind at ease but when asked later he said it never happened after that. by age 3 he didn’t remember it at all. I however continued to have things randomly thrown at me, lights turned on or off and on one occasion woke up at 6am to find my front door wide open. We also had stickers stuck to ceilings but unless my son or I had discovered the power of flight when asleep, there was no way we could of reached up there without a chair to stand on and we didn’t have a chair or ladder in the flat. ~ A. M. Thomson

Share Your Stories

Have your kids ever said anything to you that has had you scratching your hear, terrified or just plain perplexed? We’d love to hear more of your stories. Has your child ever show uncanny understanding of something that should be beyond their years? Do they have knowledge about events outside their time and space? If they do and you’d like to share, you can add you experiences by commenting below, or by dropping us an email via the contact page.

The original thread that these comments were taken from is here. As we get more experiences from you all, we’ll add them to this post.

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