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Haunted Dolls You Can Actually Buy – We Dare You!

We’ve featured Haunted Dolls here before, most famously the Warren’s raggedy Anne doll Annabelle. There are many other haunted dolls out there, some imbued with dangerous curses, others possessed with the spirits of the dead. You have to admit, that some dolls are just down-right freaky when you look at them, sometimes enough to make you think they’re haunted straight out of the box!

You might be surprised (or not!) to know that along with haunted paintings, there are many haunted dolls available to buy on eBay. I say many, there’s currently over a thousand of them on ebay.com alone, as you can. Could there really be that many haunted dolls out there, and available to buy? Or is it more likely that people are saying they’re haunted to try and sell some old tatty dolls that otherwise would be unsellable? It has to make you question the validity of a lot of the claims.

It’s interesting to note that eBay forbids the sale of “intangible” goods, so technically the dolls can only be sold as dolls, so if you don’t experience any activity, you don’t really have a comeback. That said, we do like to trawl some of these intangible listings on eBay and finding the weird stuff, so we’ve put together this list of five of what we think are the most interesting / strange / weird / scary dolls currently available…

Antique Baby Byelo Rubber Doll Very Old And Active


This doll is giving me the heebie-jeebies just looking at it, it almost looks embryonic in its features. Here’s what the seller had to say about it.

This is a haunted antique bye lo baby that is made of rubber. I can’t make out the markings on the back of her neck but can see the word Storrey. I have had her for more than 30 years and she will be very hard to part with but due moving expenses I am having to sell some of my dolls. Her name is Alice and she is quite active she was 83 when she passed and is a very motherly spirit. She responds well with a ghost box k2 and pendulum. I have found her host moved many times and she will make her presence known for sure.

See the auction here

Trapped Spirit “Victoria” VERY Active!

Black Eyed Doll

This doll is quite disturbing with its strange eyes, which according to the seller are coloured black for a reason – “Victoria’s doll host’s eyes are coloured black as to not allow Victoria to see. This has seemed to calm her and has made it harder for her to move material objects.” Oh my. Here’s some more background on the doll:

I recently obtained this doll from a friend in need of my help. This is not a normal spirit.  She is a trapped spirit. She was haunting a home and was not willing to leave. My friend was asked to rid the home of the unwanted Spirit.  When she tried to help Victoria move on, she was unwilling to go. She was angry and did not allow my friend to complete her cleansing of the home. She was unable to find any other way to rid the home of the spirit.  She knew the only way to help the family and remove the spirit was to trap her inside of one of her Spirit Dolls. This is hard to do and not looked kindly upon in the Witch Community. But I do agree in this instance there was not any other option.

We do not know much about this spirit. She has not been willing share personal details about herself. We know she is very disturbed and unsettled. At night you can hear what sounds like an older woman singing a sweet song or that same voice calling out for a child named Mary. I believe she feels she is still alive and has lost someone very special to her. She looks for Mary at least once a week calling out for her throughout the house. She opens doors to look in different rooms. And you can hear her crying at times. It hurts my heart to allow a spirit to hurt the way she does, so I am looking for someone who believes they can reach out to Victoria and get her to except her death. Hopefully someone can guide her to find the one she calls out for so she can rest.

Victoria has been with me for about three months. In the three months, I have tried many ways to make her feel comfortable. She has spoken to me through dreams, the Ouija Board and even with her voice at times. She does not require a psychic power to be spoken to or heard. She is easy to hear and communicate with, but is not always willing to answer your questions. You can see her in pictures at times and sometimes you can see her in the corner of your eye. She is a tall, thin woman with pale skin and white hair.

See the auction here

Haunted Doll Mindy

Haunted Doll Mindy

This doll is almost too cutesy to be frightening. But look at those eyes, they’re deep, dark and hiding something. The doll reminds me a bit of the infamous Chucky of Child’s Play with its mischief. The owner seems to collect these ‘spirited dolls’ and has this to say about them:

Meet Mindy, she’s from my personal collection also I’ve had her for over a year. Mindy is 3 years old and passed away in 1956 from drowning in a pool. Mindy is a very happy spirit and her host is an ideal giggles doll. While with me, Mindy has answered questions on the pendulum, used dream communication and I have heard her giggling in my room. Mindy sometimes hides things and plays pranks, but she is very sweet.

Many people have messaged me asking how or why I have so many haunted dolls, I have been collecting for awhile, I’m empathic, so I am able to communicate with them. When I feel like a doll would like a new home, I list them here, and if they call out to you, you will know they are for you. I list them here to find them proper homes with people who understand the needs of spirited dolls and have a connection with them.

See the auction here

Antique Doll Penny

Haunted Doll Penny

This doll is another of those ones guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. Maybe it’s the spooky lighting that does it, or maybe it’s the touching back story. Either way, Penny here is one to haunt you. Here’s some of that back-story:

This doll belonged to and was once cherished by a lovely girl named Penny. Penny hangs onto this doll because it is special and familiar to her. Penny still loves and holds her doll, in spirit. Penny is a pure and innocent young girl full of playful and childlike energy. She is an extremely energetic and positive energy. A very busy little girl.

Penny was born severely unwell and faced developmental and physical handicaps. Penny needed feeding and daily therapy. She did not mature properly and lived longer than expected. Penny died with her family surrounding her at 7 years old. It was the 1950’s era.

Penny has appeared as a light blocking shadow that stands stationary behind her doll. Her form is very visible and her shadow very dark. Penny gets into Michelle’s cutlery and has moved spoons about her kitchen. Penny does draw a lot of energy from electrical devices. She seems to short electronics for several seconds before they function again.

Penny has moved her doll to rest in different positions. I have found her arms raised above her head and her head turned around completely. During communication we have noticed a floral aroma lingering around her doll. Penny does visit dreams and will speak to you by telepathy. We do not use the ouija board with Penny as she is too young. Penny has difficulty with the pendulum but enjoys swinging it in circles. Penny tries to warn of danger and threat by creating diversion.

Children are very drawn to Penny and wish to hold her and touch her face. Penny needs a home where she will be shown ample love and affection. She is one of the sweetest spirits we have to offer.

See the auction here

Haunted Bisque Doll

Haunted Bisque Doll

This one doesn’t have much of a description, but look at that face. My god, just look at the face! Terrifying! Whatever paranormal effects the doll might claim will be up to the purchaser to find out. But maybe that’s a good thing, no pre-conceptions, no ways for your minds to play tricks on you, so this one could be a winner. Here’s all the description we get:

As shown. No arms or legs, just a head and torso. Probably a gruesome life.

See the auction here

And There’s More Here

If this trip into the world of haunted dolls has intrigued you, there’s plenty more here for you to look at on ebay.

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