UFO Over The Sea

Aliens Get In The Halloween Spirit

Monchengladbach Sunset Sighting

In Germany, on Halloween night 2014, a beautiful autumn sunset was given some extra lustre by a long white and yellow light travelling across the sky.

Scott Warring of UFO Sightings Daily was definitely convinced that the film showed a genuine visitor from another planet.

Sunset is a good time to spot craft, says Warring, who believes that alien visitors use sunlight to disguise their ships, and the change in the light makes them more likely to show up to watchers from the ground.

For those who might claim the light is a sun dog – an atmospheric phenomenon that causes people to see extra suns – Warring has little time. “Do not believe the disinformation about the term “sundog,”” he wrote. “That term was created by NSA sceptics to spread disinformation and to confuse the public. This is a UFO. You have my word on it.”

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