UFO Over The Sea

Aliens Get In The Halloween Spirit

Motorists Have Close Encounter

Cygnet in Ohio was the scene of another Halloween visit in 2001, according to local newspaper reports.

John Timmerman, a UFO enthusiast, collected the stories of an unexplained object spotted over Interstate 75 by drivers.

The object hovered over an exit before heading off, either north or west. Timmerman was on the hunt for more witnesses after speaking to two motorists, one of them a pizza delivery driver who reported seeing a streak of light. She was later spoken to by two men from another car who saw the object.

Despite trying to get closer to it, the object – which they said was like a meteorite – remains an inconclusive sighting. The two men made off after the object appeared to approach their car, and met the female witness at her place of work to discuss their sighting, before reporting it to the National UFO Reporting Centre.

Trick Or Treaters Look To The Sky

In Wilmington, Illinois in 2014, a rash of UFO spottings illuminated Halloween.

Among the spotters were hundreds of families out trick or treating, including groups of up to 50.

Whatever it was, it was certainly impressive according to witnesses, who spoke of a triangular object over 5,000 feet in length, covering an area bounded by eight city blocks. Viewers put the craft’s altitude at anywhere between 1,500 and 6,500 feet.

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