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Hotel Owners Have Spooky Guests

The Thomas House in Red Boiling Springs in Tennessee could always claim to be fully booked if they could persuade some of their spirit tenants to sign the guest register and stump up for a room.

Evelyn Cole claims not have been a believer until her family took over the hotel, now she won’t enter any of the rooms in her property until the lights are switched on.

Boiling Springs gets its colourful name because the local hot waters were thought to have healing properties. Sadly, a lot of ailing visitors looking for cures meant a lot of deaths, and the Coles believe that it is the voices and knockings of these guests that they can now hear. Add in a cult, some fires and murders and you have a perfect recipe for hauntings.

Many of the spooks are friendly though: a girl called Sarah is the most commonly heard spirit, so beloved of guests that they’ve left her a collection of toys.

A recording believed to be Sarah shows that kids don’t change much down the years. “I’m mad at you. I’m a princess,” she says.

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