Irish Ghosts for Halloween

Charles Fort

Another haunted military installation, this time near Kinsale, is the home to Wilful Warrender, the White Lady of Kinsale.

The wonderfully named Wilful suffered an awful tragedy, which resonated out into her family. It should have been a very different story, as Wilful died on her wedding day.

There is more than one version of the story, but most are similar. Wilful married a soldier who, on their wedding day is shot by Wilful’s father (either as an intruder, or in a terrible case of military discipline gone wrong).

Wilful is so distraught at the loss of her love that she takes her own life by leaping from the fort’s walls. Her father is then so stricken that he shoots himself, bringing this terrible tragedy full circle.

Wilful’s white-clad spirit has been seen around the town of Kinsale, where she is a friendly presence. She is also seen at the fort, where she has been known to shove people down the stairs.

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