Ghosts in a Graveyard

Some Christmas Spirits

The Disputed Ghost of the KiMo Theatre

The KiMo Theatre is Albuquerque’s most striking landmark, with its colourful decorations and – wait for it! – Art Deco-Pueblo Revival Style design. Built in the 1920s, like many theatres it’s a natural for a ghost story. But is the story of a boy killed in a boiler explosion who came back to ruin Christmas shows at the theatre just hot water?

The first part of the story is undoubtedly, and tragically true. Bobby Darnall was six when he joined a crowd of people eager to see the latest Abbott and Costello film. Eight people were injured when a water heater in the lobby exploded amidst the crow. Bobby didn’t survive his injuries.

The second part is disputed. According to Dennis Potter, theatre technical director, Bobby spectacularly haunted a production of A Christmas Carol during the festive season of 1974 when some doughnuts were moved, sparking a tradition of leaving cakes and other offerings out for the unhappy ghost.

However, investigations into the ghost have failed to find anyone other than Mr Potter who backs the story, and Bobby Darnall’s surviving relatives have expressed their distaste at what looks like the exploitation of a tragedy for marketing purposes.

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