Ann The Haunted Doll

Watch Ann The Haunted Doll, Live!

Ann The Haunted Doll

We’ve featured haunted dolls around these parts before, there’s something incredibly spooky about these items. The soulless stare, the evil glint, the feeling of being watched; dolls are particularly excellent at giving one the spooks.

As if to prove our point, The Link Up have teamed up with paranormal specialists Destination America to bring a live stream of Ann, whom they claim is a haunted doll. According to them:

Ann was a 13-year-old girl treated for tuberculosis at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in the early 1900s, during a time when the idea of a “rest-cure” was in actuality a certain death sentence… Ann was terrified of the dark, and that her spirit, who lives on this doll, cries out for help in the middle of the night with a shaky voice.

Other spooky goings on related to Ann include the sight of a single tear on her face, and temperature changes in her presence. You can read more about Ann’s history here, or better still click on the video below to watch the live stream. If you spot anything, try and get a screen grab and post it below!

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