A female Doctor Dolittle talks to a big cat.

Anna Breytenbach – The Modern Day Dr Doolittle

Interspecies communication a real life phenomena, or the declaration of a mad man? For those of us who have or had pets in our life understand and appreciate the bond that is formed between our companions and us. Over a period of time, we get to understand the characteristics of our pets and we often know how they’re feeling from day to day, whether they’re hungry or if they need to go out to relieve themselves.

These bonds generally develop over a period of time; however, Anna Breytenbach can communicate with animals and understand them just by sitting for a short while in their company. Anna claims that she is able to communicate by sending detailed messages to animals through pictures and thoughts and receiving messages back in exceptional clarity in the same manner.

Not yet convinced? Take a look at this video of Diabolo a deadly snarling black leopard that experienced abuse and appalling conditions at the hands of humans, thereby leaving him with a strong dislike towards human interaction. After Diabolos meeting with Anna he transforms into a relaxed and content cat and appears happier with a name change to Spirit.

Let’s Talk About Cats baby

Anna Breytenbach communicates with black Leopard Diabolo

By connecting with our intuition, we can engage in meaningful dialogue.

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