Spontaneous Human Combustion

Spontaneous Human Combustion image coutesy of https://www.flickr.com/photos/87249144@N08/24600144241
Join us for a look at the phenomenon that is Spontaneous Human Combustion. People have long believed that in certain instances the human body can burst into flames on their own accord. Flames of such ferocity that within minutes the victim is reduced to a heap of carbonised ashes. The idea, some call superstition, has been around for centuries, smouldering in the belief of divine retribution. ‘By the blast of God they perish.’

Ashes To Ashes

A short video documentary recalling two incidents of possible Spontaneous Human Combustion, The first of an elderly gentleman who succumbed to the phenomenon on his own whilst in bed. The second of a 60 year old lady who burst into flames at the dinner table whilst her brother in law watched on helplessly.

Of all the strange and inexplicable fates that may befall a person, perhaps the most bizarre is to burst into flames without warning and without apparent cause

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