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Cryptozoology Round-up – November 12th

Bigfoot Spaceman

Bigfoot is one of the most famous of the cryptids (as the creatures cryptozoologist hunt are called), and now he’s been linked with outer space at a conference in Leominster in New England.

William Hall, paranormal researcher, brought up the possibility of a space Bigfoot, says there are similarities across a lot of paranormal fields.

Hall points to the “orange orbs” that have been associated with Bigfoot hotspots since the 1970s. Bigfoot hunter Bill Brock added recent research from NASA on magnetic portals to the mix.

If Bigfoot can vanish into another dimension then the lack of any carcasses of the popular mystery ape-man could be answered.

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Panther Spotted in Missouri

Big cats out of place are one of the top targets of cryptozoologists, and a collection of possible black panther sightings in Missouri has their antennae twitching.

The latest was of a “huge black feline” crossing a road. The creature, larger than a Labrador dog, was probably on the prowl for local wildfowl according to the driver who saw it.

Missouri is a popular location for Bigfoot and UFO spottings. So much so that black panthers are quite tame according to some locals, who simply accept them as part of the local fauna.

However, there is very little confirmation with hard evidence. One panther was shot in the area and had been declawed, suggesting the beast was an escaped pet.

It could though be that an as-yet-unnamed type of jaguar is roaming the American South West.

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