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Cryptozoology Round-up – November 12th

Fat Dolphin or Thin Hippo

A tourist shot from the seas of Greece has cryptid fans twitching, showing, as it does, a strange underwater creature somewhere between a hippopotamus and a dolphin.

Harvey Robertson took the picture while cruising off Parga. He wasn’t even looking at the water when he pressed the button on his iPhone.

The creature bears some resemblance to a Cuvier’s beaked whale. It could be a deformed squid or other known species. There could be a camera malfunction or it could be a fake.

As yet, cryptozoologists are reserving judgement.

Read more here.

Victorian Sea Monster Image

A picture claiming to show a sea monster off the Irish coast has turned up in an image library in London.

Published in October 1871, The Days Doings accompanied a newspaper report of a sighting of an “extraordinary marine visitor” in Kilkee in County Clare. A party of visitors were said to have seen the beast while out watching the waves.

“its eyes were large and glaring, and, by the appearance of the water behind, a vast body seemed to be beneath the waves,” the report says.

A contemporary expert reckoned the creature could be related to the Enaliosauria family of reptiles.

Read more here.

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