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Cryptozoology Round-up – November 12th

By The Lord, It’s The Jersey Devil!

The Jersey Devil is one of the most colourful of the supposed cryptids – a winged kangaroo by some accounts – and a photo and a film purporting to show the fearsome creature turned up in October.

Dave Black, from Little Egg Harbor Township, reported snapping the creature, which he first thought was a llama, on his way home from his security guard job. When the creature flapped its wings and flew away, Dave thought he was onto the legendary beast that is one of the state of New Jersey’s emblems.

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The Serpents Of Madison County

Attention has been focused on the giant sea creatures of Lake Mendota in Wisconsin.

Locals have been spotting strange things in the lakes since the mid-19th century, when J.W. Park approached what he thought was a log on the lake only see to it head for deep water. The consensus that has built up over the years is that the Madison lake monsters are between 10 and 20 feet long, have black scales and a dogfish-like head. Red eyes complete the picture.

Bozho, as the thing has now been named, hasn’t been seen for some time. Good news for local canines, as it ate a dog during one encounter.

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