Spooky Photos From The Past

10 Spooky Photos From The Past

Haunted Staircase

I had a little bit of info with this photo. It’s from the Bessette House, Russell Street, Canada (no town or city mentioned) and dated to 3rd July 1973. I was told the house is a haunted one, but I can find no info about it online. Whatever, the atmosphere of the staircase, and the strange glowing marks at the top of the image make this more than a simple photo of a staircase, and feels really spooky, like something out of a horror film.

Bessette House 1973

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  1. In picture #5, the “blank” look can be attributed to the fact that she was dead. This is the Victorian era genre of last pictures taken with their loved ones. If you look down at her feet, you will see the contraption that was used to “prop” up the bodies. Google it.

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