Spooky Photos From The Past

10 Spooky Photos From The Past

Scary Bench Portrait

Ok, initially this just appears to be a simple child’s portrait. But let the image sink in. The strange almost fairytale looking dog sat with her, the highly decorated bench, with, what’s that, faces! Faces from Hell! My goodness do those carvings look gruesome. I can see three faces in there, strange distorted faces. No wonder she’s keeping her hands to herself and has a worried look on her face. How many faces can you see in the bench?

Scary Bench Girl 1920s-ish

1 thought on “10 Spooky Photos From The Past”

  1. In picture #5, the “blank” look can be attributed to the fact that she was dead. This is the Victorian era genre of last pictures taken with their loved ones. If you look down at her feet, you will see the contraption that was used to “prop” up the bodies. Google it.

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